Before Your Appointment (Must Read)


Please stop the usage of any harsh skin regimen such as acutane or proactive.

Do not get any facials before your appointment, please wait 4 weeks until your brows have healed (and/or after your touch up).


Please make sure you are exfoliating your lips often and keeping them well moisturized leading up to the day of your appointment. If you show up with chapped lips we will have to reschedule your appointment and you will your deposit.

Please make sure your lips are free of any blisters or cold sores as we cannot work on them in that condition. Please see a doctor for medication to treat it before your appointment Trent.

If you are thinking about getting lip filler, please wait 4 weeks in between the filler and lip tint procedure.


If you have pink eye the area must be healed prior to your appointment.

If you have had laser eye surgery, bt lepharoplasty, or an eye-lift done you must wait three months from your procedure before your eyeliner enhancement.

Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to your treatment and may be worn after your treatment has healed.